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For Trucks

Long haul drivers need complete protection and comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep, and to protect their own health and safety. Our HealthCover™ CliniSafe® TruckSafe™ mattress protectors, and the entire collection of bedding is specially designed for the ultimate comfort and security needed in mobile, transitional environments like trucks. Truck bedding requires a specialized fit, and every driver deserves protection from spills, contamination, bedbugs, and other irritants that can make life on the road more difficult, even dangerous.

How about . . . Mattress Safe® offers a total zippered encasement especially designed for truck bedding. This total zippered encasement is waterproof and is made of soft durable fabric making it comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

The Antimicrobial Total Zippered Encasement protective mattress covers offer hypoallergenic protection and help guard against exposure to infectious diseases as well as bugs, plus they are fully waterproofed on six sides. Complete your truck bedding and living environment with coordinated items like the PillowSafe® Total Zippered Pillow Encasement, for the same comfort and waterproof protection. Maintain a clean, orderly interior with accessories like the LaundrySafe® Reusable Zippered Laundry Bag, and CaviCide™ disinfectant spray.