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feet-copy.jpg Dear Valued Customers:

Mattress Safe, Inc. is a dynamic, family owned business dedicated to giving you a quality product with quality service. Our unusual story of origination has resulted in uncommon success.

In 2004, my boys and I were vacationing at the beach with my parents. After a day of deep sea fishing, my son woke up at 3:00 am and proceeded to get "sea sick" on the brand new memory foam mattress having been delivered the previous day. Unfortunately, because the mattress had no pad or protection, the accident resulted in saturated foam which required professional cleaning, leaving the mattress compromised. After a messy clean-up, I thought, "This condo needs mattress protectors, and I am going to help them find a solution!"

The next morning, I began researching fabrics to meet the necessary specifications for protecting memory foam as well as other mattress types. In the mean time, my mother suggested that we design mattress protectors and sell to hotels and various markets which desperately needed a quality product. My father, who had recently retired from a career in sales and marketing, joined our team to run the company - and that was the beginning of Mattress Safe, Inc.

Over the past five years, Mattress Safe, Inc. has grown from a small company, stocking product in a home garage, to a multi-million dollar corporation with over 9000 sq ft. office/warehouse space. We take pleasure in being a part of an industry offering solutions for the control of bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, incontinence and bedwetting.

At Mattress Safe, Inc., we continue to develop innovative ideas for mattress protection and look forward to a future of serving our community and meeting their needs.

Kindest Regards,

Andrea Poston Hancock
Vice President
Mattress Safe, Inc.