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Purchase Protective Mattress Covers for RVs, Campers, and Trucks

Our unique waterproof mattress protectors are specially designed to easily fit non-standard, upholstered surfaces in your RV, camper, and truck. We have carefully developed a full range of coordinated products featuring RV and camper mattress protectors that offer the comfort of luxurious, soft, breathable fabric, with the security of complete protection. Each protector is conveniently sized and is fully waterproof to protect against spills and stains. It is engineered to be non-allergenic, keeping out bed bugs and other insects, as well as bacteria or mold. Whether you travel in a fully furnished RV, a streamlined camper, or an 18-wheel truck, choose the category most suited to your needs from the column on the left, and review our complete selection of fitted sheets, mattress protectors, and accessories.