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Reasons to Buy an RV Mattress Protector for Camping

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An RV mattress protector is a wise investment decision to protect your mattresses and bedding in your camper or RV. There are several benefits you gain by installing these special encasements on all of the beds in your camper or RV.

  • Maintains the Feeling of the Mattress – Sweat, bodily fluids, accidental spills, and other moisture deteriorates and breaks down the materials inside the mattress. As a result, you will not only find the comfort of your mattresses declining faster, but also have to replace them on a more frequent basis.
  • Protects Against Mold and Mildew – RVs and campers are exposed to a wide range of temperatures indoors. Dampness and humidity can create moisture in a mattress, which can lead to problems with mold and mildew. A mattress encasement prevents mold and mildew from forming on the mattresses in your camper or RV.
  • Helps Keep Mattresses Clean – Many factors will contribute to a mattress becoming dirty overtime. People shed dead skin cells while they sleep that will build up in a mattress encouraging dust mite infestations. Perspiration, bodily fluids, and body oils will also build up in a mattress, as well as the occasional bed wetting.All of these can easily pass through the sheets and get into the mattress. Fully removing wet spots is next to impossible, and it often leads to undesired staining. With a mattress encasement, it stops all of these things from getting into your mattress.
  • Helps Reduce Allergies – If you suffer from dust mite allergies, pollen, or other allergies, using an encasement can help reduce allergens while you sleep. Since the protector stops dead skin cells from getting into the mattress, it stops dust mites from taking up residence in the mattress. In addition, you can easily wash the protector as often as you want to remove pollen, dead skin cells, and dust mites.
  • Protects the Mattress’s Warranty – Mattress warranties are very specific, and stains from liquids, fluids, and accidental bed wetting will almost certainly void the warranty. Using an encasement will ensure your warranty remains in effect, and it is not voided.
  • Ideal for Areas Where Children Eat, Sleep, and Sit – Children like playing outdoors while camping, and it is easy for them to track in dirt, bacteria, and germs. The last thing you want is for these to get into the mattresses in your RV or camper. Plus, kids are more accident prone than adults, and tend to spill drinks and food more often. Occasionally, they accidently wet the bed when they are sleeping or if they happen to get sick while on a camping trip.

At RV Mattress Protectors by Mattress Safe®, we can help you protect the mattresses and bedding in your RV and camper. We offer a variety of waterproof, non-allergenic, and bed-bug-proof certified mattress and bedding encasements. Please feel free to contact us at 770-205-5335 today for more information and assistance in selecting the best protectors and encasements for your RV or camper.