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Renting a RV? Things to Do Before, During, and After Your Trip

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Renting an RV is a great way to determine whether RVing is right for you and your family, without the investment costs associated with ownership. There are all different sizes you can rent, from small pull-behind pop-up campers to full-sized RVs. The most important thing you need to decide before you head over to your RV rental company is what type of RV you want for your vacation.

Things to Do/Ask at the Rental Company

Ask to see what RVs/Campers are available in the size you selected. Take the time to do a complete walk-around and interior inspection before signing your rental contract. Make sure to point out any dents, dings, and damage you notice both outside and inside. In addition, check the mileage and inquire about the repair/maintenance of the RV you are renting.

Before driving home, have the rental agent go over the important systems and operation of the RV. You will want to know:

  • Where the propane tanks are located.
  • How to light pilot lights.
  • Where the access points are located for filling/draining the fresh water, gray water, and sewage tanks.
  • Where the hoses are stored and which ones are used with which tanks.
  • How to operate the RV’s electrical system and appliances.What to do in case of an accident or the RV breaking down.

Things to Do Before Packing the RV/Camper

Before you start loading your RV full, take off sheets and cushion covers to look for signs of bed bugs and other pests. Even if you do not find any, it does not hurt to use your own RV mattress covers and encasements to create a barrier between you and the cushions/mattresses. Plus, in the event of accidental spills, you do not have to worry about being charged for damage.

You should drive the RV around the block a few times to become familiar with how it operates and performs. There is a big difference between driving an RV and a car. You have to allow for extra distances between vehicles, as well as realizing it has bigger blind spots.

Take the RV to your local water and sewage station to flush out the tanks and fill it with fresh water. You never know how long water has been sitting before you rented the RV and if the RV rental company remembered to check if the sewage and gray water tanks were drained.

Things to Do While on Vacation

Keep a journal of anything you notice that is a problem or issue, or which was broken prior to your rental. Make sure to have the emergency contact information for the RV rental company handy, too. If you do break down, and the rental company asks you to pay for the repairs out of pocket, get receipts.

Things to Do After Returning Home

Make sure to clean the interior of the RV. It is your responsibility to ensure you return the RV in the condition it was rented. This also means returning the RV with the same amount of gas that was in it. In addition, you will want to make sure to get the sewage and gray water tanks drained.

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