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Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs in a RV or Camper

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Most people think bed bug infestations are common in hotels and resorts, and are not an issue when it comes to camping in an RV or camper. However, making this assumption would be a big mistake. Bed bugs can infest any type of bedding and furniture, regardless of whether it is in a hotel, RV, camper, or your home. Before you hit the open road in your RV or camper, take the time to review the following tips to prevent bed bugs from returning back home with you.

  • Use protective mattress covers and pillow encasements. Keep bed bugs from getting into mattresses and pillows by using bed bug certified encasement products. In the event there is an existing bed bug infestation, encasements work great, too, at keeping the bed bugs trapped so you can eliminate them from other areas in the RV or camper.
  • Park your camper or RV as far away from others as possible. Just because you do not currently have bed bugs does not mean they could hitchhike from another RV or camper.
  • If you take your pets along with you, make sure to use a flea/tick comb and check them before letting them back inside the RV or camper, as bed bugs will hitchhike on the backs of your pets.

  • Remember to check your clothing and brush it off before entering the camper.
  • Keep shoes and dirty clothes in bed bug certified laundry bags. Get several bed bug certified laundry bags to keep dirty clothes in, as well as a place to store your shoes when you are not wearing them. In the event bed bugs did get onto your clothing or on your shoes, the laundry bags stop them from attempting to take up residence inside your camper or RV.
  • Inspect belongings before taking them inside your RV or camper. When packing up picnic tables, chairs, and other items you used at your campsite, carefully inspect the items for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Renting a RV or Camper

If you rent a RV or camper, in addition to the above tips and suggestions, there are a few others you need to know.

  • Do a detailed inspection of the RV or camper before packing it with your own items. Check along the seams of mattresses and furniture. Remember to also check the driver and passenger seats upfront.
  • Check for bronze/red colored spots on bedding and furniture. This is an indication bed bugs were present and may still be a problem.
  • If you find bed bugs, contact the rental company. Inform the rental company you found bed bugs in the RV or camper. Most companies will exchange the RV or camper for one that is bed bug free.

By taking the time to follow these tips and suggestions, you are sure to keep your RV or camper free of bed bugs and fully enjoy your camping trip. Feel free to contact the makers of RV Mattress Protectors, Mattress Safe, at (770) 205-5335 for additional tips and suggestions, or to obtain bed bug certified mattress and pillow encasements and laundry bags.