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RV Décor Tips to Make Your RV Feel like Home

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Everyone knows the interior of RVs and campers are not very stylish. In fact, most offer basic colors in earth tones, which are drab and boring. With the increase in RVing by more people in recent years, people are looking for ways to transform the interiors of their portable vacation homes by adding their own personal touches.

The first thing to remember, before gutting the interior of your RV and doing a complete renovation, is you have several different options to liven it up using existing interior structures and components.

  • Choose a Theme – It is important to choose a decorating theme to help you determine what colors, furniture, and designs are going to give you the desired look and feel you want to create. For instance, if you are going for a camper/cabin theme, incorporate plaids and all natural pieces of wood into your design elements.

  • Give Furniture a New Look – You can paint chairs, tables, and furniture frames. Use RV camper sheets in various colors, over sofa cushions and mattresses to give them a new look. Look for camper sheets that are also cushion and mattress protectors for added protection from spills, stains, and bed wetting accidents. 
  • Add Color and Patterns – Paint the walls a bright color or add some rugs and throw pillows with varied patterns in different colors.
  • Wallpaper the Walls – If you want to do more than paint the walls, add some wallpaper in small sections in various areas throughout the RV or camper. Tip: Use maps to wallpaper the walls for a unique look.
  • Replace the Carpeting – Install new laminate or vinyl flooring in different areas of the RV. Not only is it easier to keep clean, it also is not prone to mold and mildew.
  • Give the Kitchen/Bathroom a Makeover – You can update the color of your kitchen and bathroom by resurfacing the doors, drawers, and exterior surfaces of your cabinets. Not to mention, it is much cheaper than replacing them.
  • Decorate with Souvenirs – Use some of your travel souvenirs, like magnets and stickers, in various areas of your RV or incorporate them into your design theme. For example, if you collect magnets, install a few flat steel sheets over the paneling to have an area to show off your collection.
  • Get Real China, Silverware, and Glasses – Using real dinnerware and drink glasses gives your RV more of a sense of home than using paper and plastic disposable items. Plus, real dinnerware is environmentally friendly.

  • Add Your Favorite Scents – From flowers to potpourri, scents can help you add another layer to your RV and make it feel like you are at home.
  • Hang Up Pictures – Hang your favorite photographs and other pictures on the walls in your RV.

As you can see, there are numerous affordable solutions to updating the décor in your RV or camper to make it feel more like home. For assistance in selecting new camper sheets, mattress covers, and related items for your RV or camper, contact RV Mattress Protectors by Mattress Safe® today at (770) 205-5335.